History of the Wine of Kings

Barolo vs Nebbiolo: Exploring the Differences Between Two Great Piedmont Wines

"Barolo and Nebbiolo are two excellent wines from the Piedmont region in Italy, both made using the Nebbiolo grape..."

Enovitae Staff  -  21 ottobre 2023
Chianti vs. Chianti Classico

Chianti vs. Chianti Classico: exploring the subtle differences between two great Tuscan wines

"Both produced in the same geographical area, yet possessing distinct characteristics and regulations..."

Enovitae Staff  -  15 novembre 2023
White vs Red

Is red wine better than white wine? Exploring the differences between the two enological worlds

"The production process, cellar techniques, and gastronomic pairings that make them special..."

Enovitae Staff  -  21 ottobre 2023
Is Barolo or Brunello Better?

Is Barolo or Brunello Better? Differences between Nebbiolo and Sangiovese

"Nebbiolo and Sangiovese: Two Iconic Grape Varieties..."

Enovitae Staff  -  13 settembre 2023
What Wine to Gift? 10 Points to Consider for the Gift

Why does champagne cost more than Prosecco? Differences and factors influencing the price

"Champagne and Prosecco are both beloved sparkling wines worldwide, but there are several reasons why Champagne costs more than Prosecco..."

Enovitae Staff  -  7 febbraio 2023